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About us

Croque art story

Our Story

It’s funny how passion can find you in the most uncommon ways. But it feels dazzling
good. Our story has its roots back in 2007 when our creators meet.

Cristian and Edward are the founders of this dream called Croque Art. Their compatibility consists in complementing each other’s qualities. Cristi is an extraordinarily organized man, a good planner, with a developed entrepreneurial spirit. As with any home, if you have a solid foundation, you can build durable. Edi represents the artistic side of the collaboration, so necessary for the development of the most successful products. The high standard they have set and want to maintain is due to a mix of excellence and work discipline that they care about and do not deviate from.

The story begins

An Electrical Engineering student back then – got a summer job as a sous-chef. He immediately realized that exploring in the kitchen and trying new recipes was bringing him some kind of satisfying delight. After a cooking course, a chef position in Cluj-Napoca, and a lot of learning about gastronomy, Edy realized that he needs to proceed to the next level. He was now interested in trying new techniques, more complex, more sophisticated, more challenging for him. A pastry course came up as a natural decision.
The passion was now burning more than ever: the desire to practice more, to discover more, to test more, and to create incredible pastry products with each day. This is how Croque Art started in 2016, mostly by experimenting in his kitchen. After 12 years in engineering, Edy was finally discovering what fascinates him and how he wants to shape his future: by exploring with textures and tastes and bringing a unique and rare joy to the memory lane of everyone who tastes his creations.

In this journey he met Cristian, the missing piece in Edy’s passionate work. Cristi’s determination and business background help to lay the foundations of this confectionery laboratory in the heart of Cluj. This is how the story got real. They have one goal, to make excellent products that amaze the consumer.

Cristian and Edy’s experience and expertise aren’t the only things that make our products this outstanding. Our ingredients are pure, natural & premium quality, with no added coloring, flavors, or sweeteners. We work only with french premium products and local suppliers and producers, so we can emphasize the best out of each ingredient. We believe that the purest ingredients turn out into the most amazing and memorable products.

And this is what we want to achieve: a Harmony between crisp and creamy you can’t forget.

Our Mission

Our inspiration comes from the so much appreciated and admired French pastry culture. Simple at the first sight, yet so perfect and fascinating at the first bite.
Our biggest desire is to cultivate this delightful taste in the perception of as many people as possible, to inspire them to believe in quality pastry products, and to bring a little bit of the
French pastry experience to the heart of Transylvania.

We seek to bring the French pastry experience to the heart of Transylvania.

Our Values

Autenticity and passion

Passion is our guidance. Authenticity is our signature.
A whole new world of textures and experiences get out of our laboratory every day, waiting to be discovered.

Bold, transparent, frank

Bold doesn’t necessarily mean heroic. Sometimes bold is more than that.
Having the courage to be completely true and honest is bold. Our products are too.

Loyalty to nature

Loyalty is a two lane-road.
We do nothing harmful to nature during our creation process, and we enjoy nature giving us back the finest raw ingredients.
We partner up with local producers for our fresh ingredients to deliver outstanding quality.

Respect for the people

We treat our customers exactly how we want to be treated: with respect, honesty, transparency, and with appreciation.

Croque Art

harmony between crisp and creamy